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6.1 Hemi SRT "shaker" Plymouth Prowler- modern mopar hotrod

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6.1 Hemi SRT "shaker" Plymouth Prowler- modern mopar hotrod

hemiprowler hemiprowler
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Posted: 11/28/13
08:56 PM

Hey Mopar Muscle
Well I took a look at your site and mag. I luv Hemi cars, any thing Mopar especially with a Hemi and like many of the V6 guys always wanted to make it a bit faster.

So I thought I stop by an share my story. I saw a bunch of your guys at Carlisle when I was on the Dodge showcase
and thought I share my story here too!
Just to provide some context this is the worlds first and only 6.1 SRT Hemi Prowler

Think a SRT 6.1 at about 2850Lbs

My car was featured at this years Chrysler nationals and Modern mopar. so you may have seen it.
My site is [url]www.facebook.com/hemiprowler[/url]

I had a Prowler for over 12 Years. Back in the day the 3.5 was pretty nice but also wanted it to be a bit more of a modern hot rod. With the modern day Hemi decided to make a move.

Now doing this swap in a Prowler is no easy task. Its pretty much a custom build took over 12 months and involves a ton of fabication, electronics and patience to make it all work. The heart of the Hemi has a bolt on Trans and the prowler Tran set up is in the rear.

The build is pretty detailed and the great folks over at Allpar put a nice article together below that walks through all of the key details of the project.
click below

SRT Prowler Project: Plymouth with 6.1 Hemi V8 Engine

I will put some of the key build picts below and look foward to seeing my fellow mopars on the street.

You can see all of the videos and details also on
Original Car before build

Last picture the car as a V6

V6 pulled

First ever engine drop in of new 6.1 hemi
This is a big motor

Come to papa
Drop it in
It's in there and yes it fits

hemiprowler hemiprowler
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Posted: 11/28/13
08:58 PM

Pictured here is our custom bell-housing engine adapter to adapt the 6.1 Hemi engine to accept the prowler style drive shaft an rear trans. The rear engine mount is also integrated into the bell-housing.

Modified pan
Handbuilt headers and exhaust

Custom shaker hood from a Challenger

The first step was a custom trim ring.
On the picture below you will see a aluminum ring around the shaker. This set the positioning and build up area that the shaker with come through from the engine.

Then using tape the team laid out the build up outline design form the custom aluminum piece to be built, formed and attached to the hood. As you can see its slopes only leaving the top of the shaker sticking through. Very creative. See side view

Hand built to match the shaker

hemiprowler hemiprowler
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Posted: 11/28/13
08:58 PM

Chrysler nationals Reveal




11-11-2012, 12:59 AM
Live on the dodge stage
Here a few more of my favorite Picts for many that never saw it !

You can watch the full Interview with SRT and Dodge here from the reveal
Custom Prowleron DODGE - live streaming video powered by Livestream








dond1965 dond1965
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Posted: 01/06/14
11:01 AM

very kool!! have you considered installing dayton wire wheels at shows to confuse the hell out of every body? as in a new/old hot rod oxymoron!! enjoy bro!!