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slant six 4 speed to small block 360

Mopar Muscle
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slant six 4 speed to small block 360

piercegwynne piercegwynne
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 11/11
Posted: 11/04/13
12:34 PM

Hello i have a 4 speed transmission thats from my slant six Duster
that I am getting ready to put on my 360 LA. My clutch assembly size is 9.25 inches can i use that on my 360 or do i need to get a bigger size clutch assembly? and also my flywheel is 122 tooth can I use that as well on the 360 I know that I need a new bellhousing but what size and all the stuff I would need for this conversion? Thanks alot!  

wayne712222 wayne712222
User | Posts: 121 | Joined: 10/13
Posted: 11/10/13
04:16 AM

yes.... you will need the proper size clutch disc and cover for the 360 flywheel..

the 360 flywheel is weighted differently than the 318 or the slant six flywheel..

the bell housing has a different shape..

the clutch bell crank.. is also probably different.. but its been so long since i saw a straight six manual trans car. .i don't recall..

you should be able to find stuff in some wrecking yards near you ...

if not.. i was in a wrecking yard a decade ago.. hayward ca.. called dorris auto wrecking.. they were very well organized.. had stuff in bins..  might be worth a call over there depending on the thickness of your wallet..

there are several parts books/catalogs available... that will allow you to select what parts you need to install the small block V8 ..

or make a parts list of what you have.. and what you think you might need.. and post it.. along with pictures.. we don't care that its not painted or assembled... we are car guys and a few gals..  

the mopar members won't even harrass you if you drive a purple car..  in fact.. they might envy you..

68 thru 76 darts demons dusters are some of my favorite models.. i have never owned one.. except for a screaming yellow 70 challenger 340/4speed .. pistol grip car that i could not go anywhere without attracting a fleet of black and whites..  i only had the challenger for a week and decided that was too much ..

i had a 66  GTO for 5 years and only got pulled over 3 times.. once by 8 LAPD motor cycle officers..  at the same time..  i tried to short shift to keep the noise down and scratched third.. they were all going the other way and did a parade turn that was wonderful.. i had shut the engine off and coasted into a parking lot..  before they could surround me.. and they did..   if the engine had been on.. they would have felt it thru their almost knee high boots rumbling out from under the car..

one of the times i got pulled over was coming back from the beach on sunset blvd about 4 am on a sunday morning.. doing about 75 thru the curves north of UCLA.. a beverly hills PD flips on their lights and pulled a U to get me..  he was just getting out of his car.. and i had ask everybody in my car to put their hands out where the officer could see them.. when my sister who was sitting behind me.. rolled down her quarter window and yelled back at the officer.. we did'nt do anything.

that took some splaining..  

the GTO was black.. the challenger was like a hansa yellow.. stuck out like a sore thumb.. i never should have sold either of them.  

piercegwynne piercegwynne
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 11/11
Posted: 11/10/13
09:45 AM

Thanks for the advice! So I wouldn't be able to use the slant six flywheel at all on the 360 unless I got it balanced? And  I've seen bellhousings that are for small blocks but never a 9.25 size would a 10 inch bellhousing work for my 9.25 clutch kit?  

wayne712222 wayne712222
User | Posts: 121 | Joined: 10/13
Posted: 11/10/13
10:53 PM

you have it WRONG.. and i understand your confusion...

slant six bellhousings have a bolt pattern that mates to the slant six with the starter up about the 10 o clock position looking backward from the front..

they have NOTHING to do with clutch disc size...

and... if you want to stick a 9.5 inch DISC into the 10.5" or 11" cover that bolts to the 360 flywheel..  you can do that. its not going to transmit the torque the engine makes without slipping eventually as its not all going to be clamped by the cover..

just over 100 bucks...

but is this the proper one that will fit in your small block V8 bellhousing?

1975 Dodge Truck D200 3/4 ton P/U 2WD 5.9L 2BL 8cyl
Part Number: FW93413
Alternate Part Number: FW93413
Weight: 37.0 lbs
Warranty: 1 YR
Application: Without California emission
Crankshaft Bolt Hole Count: 6
Dual Mass Flywheel: No
Flywheel Diameter (in): 14.59
Flywheel Material: Steel
Flywheel Weight (lbs): 37
Flywheel/Flexplate Tooth Count: 143

there are a bunch of performance flywheels out there..

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