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Tell us what to do -- so to speak.

Mopar Muscle
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Tell us what to do -- so to speak.

RBolig RBolig
Moderator | Posts: 948 | Joined: 12/03
Posted: 09/13/12
06:13 AM

Ok guys, I want to get some opinions from you. When it comes to tech articles, what do you want to see?

What I am looking for are ideas for good tech. Do you want us to try some new products. Do we need to revisit anything? Do we ned to compare a dn test some items? Let us know.


Some people are like Slinkys; they're not very useful, but fun to watch when pushed down the stairs.

waynep71222 waynep71222
User | Posts: 246 | Joined: 04/12
Posted: 09/13/12
02:13 PM

how about an article or two on below 2500 rpm fuel control..

from idle.. through the idle transition to the mains at lower highway speeds... where the RPMs don't generally get past 2500..   this would not effect secondary tuning.. but would greatly effect MPG..

a bunch of years ago.. a friend built a 360 for his B250 ..  he had a stock regrind in it.. lost a hose... melted it.. got another from the same shop.. but installed a regrind i mentioned .. the H230 grind from american cams in glendora.. he went almost 100 miles farther between the need to refill the tanks ... i did reset the TQ APT adjustment

what's not explained well anywhere.. that effects the  BBD , AFB, AVS TQ and QJ.. is the downward limit on the metering rods...  the manifold vacuum pulls the power piston down.. not just at idle.. but as its coming off idle...  if its too far down.. the a/f ratio will go lean.. requiring more tip in of the throttle to reduce manifold vacuum.. this lets the PV piston up.. the engine gets more fuel .. the vacuum comes up.. the PV piston gets pulled down.. leaning out the AF below power levels.. requiring more throttle..

this is complex...    and i wonder if its a secret kept between carb pros..

working with the idle feed restrictions... as those are what limits the fuel through the idle transition slots..  too small.. it goes lean off idle.. to large.. it goes rich off idle.. this is before the primary boosters start pulling fuel over.. this requires looking with probably a duel set up.. a narrow band air fuel ratio gauge and a wide band... as fewer of us can afford the wide band.. and a side by side comparo might help..

perhaps a few cut aways or transparent images of the hidden circuits ..

even trying one of the demon jrs that use the primary venturi size of a 390 holley and a much larger secondary size.. but still maintaining the square bore mounting...

on another forum.. a rodder known as C9 (rip) could get over 25MPG in his 32 F roadster with a 390 holley..

i only want to  be able to drive the cars farther between the gas stations..   proper air fuel ratio also leaves cleaner air out the tail pipes..

drivability and mpg increases are what i am talking about..

did you see my post over in circle track or stock car racing about a year and a half ago.. describing the flames out of the exhaust costing racers precious fuel.. one driver outlasted the others by something like 7 or 8 laps beyond what others were pitting or running out of gas at by not completely backing off of the throttle.. where the engine braking pulled so much fuel from the idle circuits that it burned out the exhaust..  this was about 2 races from the end of the 2011 season when they were still running carbs in sprint cup.. i guess that somebody read my post and put it to work... and won a race with it..  

drmopar drmopar
Guru | Posts: 1445 | Joined: 02/08
Posted: 09/14/12
11:34 AM

How about putting your stroker small block back together and give us some real quarter mile tuning sessions to read about??

61val 61val
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 02/10
Posted: 09/14/12
12:42 PM

 I would like to see less of these new challenger drag car suspension tec, Most people are not going to build a car like this in there garage, it is going to be built by some race shop. I would like to see more tec the average guy would do in his own shop or driveway.

Budnicks Budnicks
Guru | Posts: 1497 | Joined: 08/10
Posted: 09/15/12
12:13 AM

How about a comparison between HP/TQ rating on engines with Ported Cylinder Heads vs Non Ported Cylinder heads, High vs Low compression & the fact you can make up for allot of minor issues, with cylinder head flow instead of high compression & large camshafts, you know real world stuff, that a big majority of builder can do at home, but with professionally ported head kits & tech. advice from some reputable sources, like LaRoy Engines or from Mancini Racing or any contributor that would be willing to try & show how important cylinder heads are for making hp/tq ON ANY TYPE OF ENGINE...  
"Fill Your Library Before You Fill Your Garage" Good Luck  "Budnicks"

pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 150 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 09/15/12
01:57 AM

+1 Budnicks:

Yeah I would like to see a comparision without ported heads and ported heads.

How about this while your at it. Compair aftermarket heads of the same Supossed ratings, by manufacturer. it would tell us what haeds are actually what they say they are. I flow heads and I'm surprised at what I see at times...


pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 150 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 09/15/12
01:59 AM

My first message went FUBAR: But I agree with Budnicks. I flow aftermarket heads and I'm surprised at what I see sometime. Not only Mopar cylinder heads it's GM and FOMOCO....Thanks...


pepsi1 pepsi1
User | Posts: 150 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 09/15/12
02:01 AM

Boy there had to be a glitch the first time sorry....Bob  

451Mopar 451Mopar
User | Posts: 220 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 09/15/12
07:45 AM

I like the carb tuning idea too.
Also, how about install and testing of some of the Fuel Injection systems on our older engines.  

61val 61val
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 02/10
Posted: 09/17/12
12:44 PM

I like the fuel milage idea, from mpg gain with good exhaust, intake, and even a well thought out valve job and port work. That  have worked on my 5.9 durango and my 2.0 neon, I have seen milage improve on a cummins with port work.   Would be a interesting test.  

IQ52 IQ52
Guru | Posts: 860 | Joined: 06/10
Posted: 09/18/12
07:29 AM

Icon Quote61val:
I like the fuel milage idea, from mpg gain with good exhaust, intake, and even a well thought out valve job and port work. That  have worked on my 5.9 durango and my 2.0 neon, I have seen milage improve on a cummins with port work.   Would be a interesting test.

Talk about a perfect guy to do a mileage test. Build that 440 and run a mileage test with a stock set of 452 heads and then put on those ported 452's and do another test.  

61val 61val
New User | Posts: 20 | Joined: 02/10
Posted: 09/19/12
06:46 AM

Yes I need to get that 440 built but not for milage, maybe we could use the 61 Valiant, 4cyl, 5 speed. ( since you do all my headwork it be interesting).  

747mopar7 747mopar7
User | Posts: 87 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 09/20/12
06:45 PM

I would love to see more tech articles aimed at us poor folks. Engine builds that are more streetable using mostly stock parts, suspension & chassis uprades using "you guessed it" mostly the stock setup, how about some tranny tech like how to rebuild, improve shifting and instal a bolt in sprag. One area I think you guys have done a miserable job in is the body work, anytime you've had an article on body and paint it leaves alot to be desired. I don't want to hear about how to pick the right body shop, I want to hear about the new products or mabye some pointers on how to improve my paint booth. I also agree about the late model cars "don't get me wrong I love them" but I want to see old musclecars. I don't believe in farming out any aspect of my builds so just about any tech is helpful and always welcome. Hey, I know something that would make a good tech article, how to instal late model seats in your old car. I just did this, stratus leather buckets and a chrysler 300 rear (looks great, more confortable, and best of all it cost $150.00). I almost forgot if there was one thing I would love to see more than anything else it would be how to retrofit overdrive transmissions into our classic mopars espesially the T 56 6 speed that comes in many high output cars. I don't mean buying a kit I've priced them, I mean junkyard swaps. Keep up the good work  

451Mopar 451Mopar
User | Posts: 220 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 09/22/12
02:00 PM

I should have the new Keisler SS700 5-Speed Trans in a few weeks.
Going into the '69 R/T Convertible.  We could take some pictures and write up how the swap goes?  I also have to install a Strange S-60 4.10:1 with spool into the '71 Charger.  I have the 500 stroker apart because the Edelbrock M/W Victor heads broke the other rocker stand, and I was going to have the heads flowed and maybe change cams depending on the flow numbers?  

65rbdodge 65rbdodge
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 03/24/13
08:38 AM

hello, can we please see less of the tech and articles on late model cars in the magazine? i am so tired of seeing a 12 page spread on how to upgrade the suspension on a challenger/charger/300. the newest one even though it was 2 pages on putting in a center console to store you doughnuts in was too much. please put these articles in a different magazine. i have been a subscriber since 1994 and have been satisfied up until now. i resubscribe at carlisle every year but i`m starting to reconsider the idea everytime i see the wasted pages on this late model stuff in a classic car magazine.  

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