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1977 Warlock 318 300hp needing some good advise please.

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1977 Warlock 318 300hp needing some good advise please.

1977Warlock318 1977Warlock318
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/12
Posted: 06/07/12
04:41 PM

Let me start by saying hello. I have followed on here for quite sometime without signing up, trying to get information in regards to my problem. If I may, let me give a quick history/background.

1993 - while off in the corps, my MOPAR LOVING DAD tells me about this 77 Warlock for sale, (since we were wanting to rebuild a vehicle together)so he/we buy it for $1800.

We drove that thing everywhere for years. We never built it up like he wanted to, due to my time in the military.

1999 - got out of the corps and came home, married, with kids, and with my dad being an over the road truck driver we didnt get much time to work on the truck. So it was still the same as when it was purchased.

2010 - Truck has spent 16+ years locked up in our family garage covered up, never started or moved. Tires flat, you get the picture. Dad had just passed away from cancer. I tell my mother I am taking the truck to finish what my father and I had started.

2011 - Truck is picked up from Neosho, Mo. and brought back up to my new Wife and house in Wichita, Ks. Since it's arrival it has been started and been in the process of being rebuilt.

I have had the Transmission completley rebuilt which is the 727. Nothing messed with except for some better quality parts installed. Rearend gone through, new brakes, rotors etc.

Now it's time for the motor to get played with, I have already found a machine shop that is going to rebuild it, and a guy to R&R it. I am wanting to upgrade the motor without molesting it to much. It is already going to get punched .30, what is it from someone with experience do I need to do to get 300hp +/- out of it?

I would be more then happy to pay someone for there time and knowledge, in leading me in the right direction. I understand I might need to change some things on the motor (intake, carb, cam, headers, etc.) but as long as I keep the parts to be able to return it back to original condition it is not molesting it. Keep in mind I am already going to be spending around $2000 as it is, for the basic R&R plus FULL rebuild with mild cam, etc. If there are things I can request for better performance, or things I can have them do without breaking the bank, these are the things I am interested in.

Thanks in advance for your time and patience.


451Mopar 451Mopar
User | Posts: 220 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 06/07/12
06:10 PM

If you want to make good power with a mild cam, you will want to start with good cylinder heads.  Hughes sells some "Iron ram" LA small block heads with valves for $795.00 which might be about $300 more than what it may cost to rebuild your stock heads and add hardened exhaust seats?  

Budnicks Budnicks
Guru | Posts: 1497 | Joined: 08/10
Posted: 06/08/12
12:26 PM

1st off welcome to the MMM forum... Performance 101; K&N or gauze type air cleaner/filter, quality aluminum 4bbl Intake & 4bbl Carburetor, quality free flowing Headers & larger mandrel bent Exhaust w/H or X-Pipe, a Hotter Ignition ECM/Box, a hotter coil, some ultra Low ohm resistance plug wires, a name brand quality Camshaft & "matching" components, springs retainers, locks, seals & some cylinder heads work, like shaving the heads, adding larger valves, multi-angle performance valve job & some "much needed porting" or just buy some "quality" aftermarket aluminum or cast iron heads like the RHS, Indy or Edelbrock cylinder heads... All could make 300hp pretty easily, out of the box, with a little just clean up work & double checking... Cylinder heads are probably the single most important part of making good, usable, dependable, HP/TQ...  It's all over the web, on many Mopar specific forums, , , or just call Mancini Racing tech.-line @ 586-790-4100, talk to a very knowledgeable tech. there, they won't steer you wrong..  
"Fill Your Library Before You Fill Your Garage" Good Luck  "Budnicks"

747mopar7 747mopar7
User | Posts: 87 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 06/28/12
06:23 PM

!st off, thanks for your service. When in doubt, copy what has already been proven to work. Edelbrock sells heads, cam, intakes, and carbs that have already been matched in either performer or performer rpm kits. I'd recommend a holley or demon carb over the edelbrock though. Add a healthy compression ratio and headers and you should easily make your goal. You could use your heads but trust me if you go all out, valves, porting, etc it adds up quick. Good luck