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AMD sheetmtal

Mopar Muscle
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AMD sheetmtal

747mopar7 747mopar7
User | Posts: 87 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 05/24/12
05:19 PM

For all of you that are restoring a mopar and looking for quality sheetmetal I thought I'd share my experience. I've fixed up several cars over the years but never a ground up restoration until I bought my dream car (69 charger), it had to be right and rust free. First panel I replaced was the driver side inner fender "not AMD" poooor fit it took alot of work, then the filler panel again poor fit. Finally I came across a 69 roadrunner AMD display at a show, I ordered full quarters, taillight panel and the filler panel behind the rear window. Keep in mind I've never replaced a quarter, they fit great and it came out looking great. All of the openings, door, inner fender, trunk gutters, etc went right together with minimal work. As far as straightness, each quarter had a very minor bump behind the doors on the tops, 15 minutes work that's it two bumps. On top of that the E coating is actually really good unlike the chinese stuff. Great quality  

ClyneDuster340 ClyneDuster340
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/03/12
06:31 PM

If your like me and you have access to fabrication tools and benders and free sheet metal, then your set!! But if you don't then AMD is great for aftermarket metal, a little pricey but worth the time.  
~Grant Clyne(72 Duster 340)

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