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1970 Cuda

Mopar Muscle
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1970 Cuda

Randy70 Randy70
User | Posts: 88 | Joined: 09/10
Posted: 09/18/10
12:32 PM

Is there a website or something on cutting out floor pans and trunk pans and the like?

My frame looks good, but all floor pans look like swiss cheese.

Is there any good rust removers out there, to get to the hard to reach spots?


Budnicks Budnicks
Guru | Posts: 1497 | Joined: 08/10
Posted: 09/18/10
08:05 PM

Try Goodmark Industries & Auto Metal Direct they both have sheet metal parts & I would guess they would have installation instructions & maybe even videos, Try POR15 on the spots you can't remove it stops the rust with a chemical reaction & works well.  
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billsdartswinger billsdartswinger
User | Posts: 100 | Joined: 04/10
Posted: 09/20/10
11:14 AM

go to they have tons of stuff for restoration, try a product called fast etch it is an acid based product and it converts the rust to zinc oxcide which means no more rust then you coat the treated areas with rust encapcilator, it comes in rattle cans or you can brush it on, fantastic product and reasonably priced too. Smile  

77wagonmaster 77wagonmaster
New User | Posts: 45 | Joined: 07/10
Posted: 10/04/10
03:20 PM

hey randy
there is a can of primer at walmart that converts the rust to and sandable and paintable service. pay close attention to the cans they look the same but 1 of them is just regular primer. i have used it on my wagon with good results                      

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jwong508 jwong508
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 10/15/11
01:13 PM

You should go on youtube and check out the videos this guy pete makes he is a guy from the dalas texas area he does great restorations on cars and owns his own shop check out southwestrodandcustoms or go on you tube he has great videos there on rust removal pan replacments the whole 9 yards of body work his videos are great step by step instruction videos I used a lot of them in my quest to restor my 1970 cuda the user name on youtube is swrnc he has a reall good 4 part video on rust removing and he uses a blend of 50/50 viniger water that actualy works real well