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1967 gtx gas trim ring????

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1967 gtx gas trim ring????

Moparty-gtxer Moparty-gtxer
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 04/04
Posted: 04/11/04
04:05 PM


I need to know about the 1967 gtx gas cap trim ring..what will fit from other cars,where to get one?

Do we have any true Mopar die-hards that can answer this one!



Mopar or no car


67plygtx 67plygtx
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 11/12
Posted: 11/10/12
12:37 PM

the only place that ive found to get a new 67 gtx gas trim ring is from a restoration place from canada its called pg classics they have a add that is always found in the mopar collectors guide even year one does not have this part heck i thought year one had everything lol  

drmopar drmopar
Guru | Posts: 1445 | Joined: 02/08
Posted: 11/10/12
01:03 PM

I cannot say for sure but I have been told a ring from a 71-74 GTX can be used on the 67 cars.
Best of luck..