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1987 Dakota Express

Mopar Muscle
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1987 Dakota Express

mopardad1 mopardad1
New User | Posts: 12 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/11/09
06:53 PM

I need info on a 87 dakota express like how many were made and what options were available.
I have found one am in process of purchase.

New User | Posts: 11 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/12/09
02:17 AM

Was this like the L'il Red Express Truck?  

mopardad1 mopardad1
New User | Posts: 12 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/12/09
09:09 AM

I do not know how to put a picture on this site but I can e-mail one. This truck is White with stepside bed.  

New User | Posts: 11 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/13/09
04:06 PM

I might be wrong on this one but I don't think Dodge ever made a factory step side Dakota. It was most likely an aftermarket bed. I do know that a company in Michigan By the name of L.E.R. made fiberglass beds for Dakotas. In 91 and 92 they made the L'il Red Express Dakota kit. Best I remember they made less than 100 beds a year. They are extremely rare. I had a 92 Li'l Red Dakota.

Mine was custom ordered with a 318 Mag. 392 posi rear (later switched out to a 4.10 then a 4.56). It also was ordered with 7" rims on the front and 8" on the rears just like the original 78's. I had one of those too.

Cid 00B701c8d64c14e9bbe00782fdeeamb

Cid 00B801c8d64c14eacd500782fdeeamb  

moparman502 moparman502
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/20/09
08:41 PM

thats gotta be rare ive never heared off one of them it even be cooler if it had smoke stakes it may of  even had a small block 318 maybe even carberated? i know they had a convertable type dakota sport [did nothing for me] ive got an 88 dakota with v6 longbed prospector pakage two toue red and silver i keep her polished and the paint realy pops out at u 90,000 miles original 17" primax wheels pirelli nearo zeros rhino liner black max toneau cover viper alarm flowmaster exahaust  sony explode stereo new chrome diamond plate rear bumper. i love her shes been good to me ill probaly have to restore her later in life .it sits next to my triple black 67 dodge charger 383 ac vinyle top car we just finished up a couple of years ago .i think if its half way desirable itll hold its value heck all the good muscle cars are getting bought up so that leaves the next generation mopar cars and yes even trucks you just never know good luck  

jimkellems jimkellems
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/24/09
09:42 AM

I saw this in the East Penn. I believe? They were few and far between. I have two Dakotas one with a 3.9 26 mpg the other is a 318 with 727 not so good on mileage.
I went to one of the best Mopar Dealers in town. I got an old time parts man info. You bought the truck then spent $5000.00 and decals and stacks for the bed from Ler or Leer. Since where I live there is nothing ever rust I wanted to do a Little Red Express Dakota. I am still searching for one of the beds No luck yet. I really feel that I need another one the Boss says No! If you get it contact me @ and I will try to help you with all the parts and resto parts.

LilRedDakota LilRedDakota
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 02/09
Posted: 05/26/09
06:49 PM

MOPAR78  looks awesome I have a 90 model, was the first year offered, non-magnum 3.9. They were also built as Warriors in black only. They did offer the bed alone so I am sure they where fitted to older models and have seen some with Lil Red Express Truck decals.  
No sense in taking life too serious, no one gets out alive anyway.

mopardad1 mopardad1
New User | Posts: 12 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 06/08/09
04:41 AM

I now own this truck and it has stickers on the door post that say it was an option on this year,

Click on links:

here is  the interior shot,did the little red dakota have spec. interior,

Thanks for all the replies I have talked a man named Bruce at Chrysler museum and he had heard of them but never seen one, only a picture.

Thanks MOPAR RULES Laugh  

ladder143 ladder143
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 08/14/09
08:30 AM

I have a 1988 Bought new from Bayside dodge.  I was in contact with third party who did the custom work but they are long out of business,I need decals for repaint project.Mike  

ladder143 ladder143
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 08/09
Posted: 09/04/09
01:18 PM

My 88 Dakota express is an aftermarket custom job offered by Bayside Dodge . Sidestep with 3.9, I need a rear bumper but bed is not dakota.  

mopardad1 mopardad1
New User | Posts: 12 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 05/11/10
07:10 PM

1987 Dodge Dakota Express By Mike Lamm  

This is my Dodge Truck:

I have a 1987 Dodge Dakota Express 4X4 that I would like to put in your photo gallery, I have talked to the Original Owner and found out that Chrysler (Dodge) drop shipped to Country Sales Inc. In Three Rivers Michigan, 700 of these trucks and that only 300 were 4X4. This truck was originally sold at Tom Aul Chrysler in Lima Ohio and lived most of it's life in Ohio. This truck has a 3.9 V6 auto trans.121,548 miles runs great and 4 x 4 works excellent .

I bought it in April 09 off Craigslist and just took it to the 09 Mopar Nationals in Columbus Ohio. There was a lot of people that had never heard of this truck, but with only 700 made that is understandable. I have talked to a few people on Dodge Dakota Web sites and have seen pictures of a black one and a red one, 1987 Express 4 x 4 the conversion was done by Country Sales Inc. out of three rivers MI.

The sticker is on the door post. This is the only year that had a carb. and they are very expensive to replace.

Mike Lamm - Bloomington, Indiana  

sobiecam sobiecam
New User | Posts: 26 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 05/11/10
07:54 PM

neat dakota mike, saw it at the nats and in mopar action, 700! lol, i've never seen one but yours, i have a one of an estimated 500 or so (mopar express) Gotta love these trucks!  

mopardad1 mopardad1
New User | Posts: 12 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 03/02/13
08:10 PM

Update I have found out that there are 3 years that this converson was made 87,88 and 89 and I have a copy of the Final destination sheet for the 89. Mike Lamm