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1965 Dart Charger

Mopar Muscle
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1965 Dart Charger

Garbelman Garbelman
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/07
Posted: 08/01/07
11:47 AM

I recently purchased 1965 Dart Charger 273.  It came with quite of few accessories (trim and emblems).  While doing a web search I found out this vehilcle is one of 180 that were built back then.  I also recently found an article at by Bob Smock.  He too has a 1965 Dart Charger 273.  He is aware of only 3 others in existance.  How can I get a hold of Bob Smock to let him know I too have that rare car.  I'd like to know how much the car is worth.  Also should I restore it to its orignial stock form.  The car is rust free (from California I believe) and has a hard top (not a convertible).  Can you help me out?

Richard Garbelman
Shawano, Wisconsin (near Green Bay)  

lazyj52 lazyj52
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/08
Posted: 08/26/08
07:10 PM

I see here lately alot of interest in the dart charger. Has more information come forward?  I see others think they have seen or viewed more of them even a sighting of a fastback. I didn't even hear of one of these before.Concerning Richard Garbelmans find, I would hope he keeps it as close to stock as possible if they are as rare as it seems.  

65dartcharger 65dartcharger
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 04/10
Posted: 04/13/10
10:50 AM

Hi Richard! I've been running a register on these rare Darts for 21 years. They are extrelmy rare. Up to now there is 24 cars all together. / convertibles and the rest of them is hardtops.

I would be more then glad if you could email me your fendertag and VIN info and I will put you in the register.

I also send out a newsletter 4 times a year.

Re your car - keep it stock! You don't see them too often. That's for sure


65dartcharger 65dartcharger
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 04/10
Posted: 05/13/11
01:33 PM

Hi Richard!

Send me a copy of the fendertag along with the VIN# and I will decode the car for you and you will get the production figures too. Send it to:



hahnyahn hahnyahn
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 01/05/13
01:37 PM

Hi ** I would like to be put on your news letter list if possible ** I've become very interested in the "65 Dart Charger ** Thanks ** (hahnyahn)